Types Of Summer Flowers For Weddings

Summer weddings are beautiful. Summer brings in a huge variety of colorful wedding flowers that you can use for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, or boutonnieres. Here are a few popular summer wedding flowers you can check out.

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Summer weddings are beautiful. There is so much to love about them, especially the colorful in-season blooms. Summer brings in a huge variety of colorful wedding flowers that you can use for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, or boutonnieres. You get to choose flowers that perfectly fit your color palette and your wedding theme. Whether you choose to have a garden wedding, a boho beach wedding, or a rustic wedding by the lake, you will get a lot of flower options for great décor.

Here are a few popular summer wedding flowers you can check out

1. Hydrangea

    A hit in traditional weddings, hydrangeas are primarily seen in shades of white and a soothing blue. However, you can get these blooms in pale pink and burgundy colors too. Hydrangeas are voluminous flowers that make them a popular choice. They can be paired with baby’s breath or used as standalone wedding bouquets. Further, if you want to send flowers to Ottawa, Ontario as a wedding gift, you can send hydrangeas. They express beauty, grace, and gratitude. Thus, they make the ideal wedding flower. 

    2. Bougainvillea

      Popularly used as wedding décor, these delicate blooms look great. Bougainvillea has a vibrant fuchsia color that adds a pop of color to any décor. The blooms are also available in violet yellow, peach, red colors, etc. Bougainvillea symbolizes welcome and peace. Though they are mostly used for wedding décor, the flowers also look good in bridal bouquets.

      So, for those who want a unique bridal arrangement pair bougainvillea with roses or ranunculus, lemon leaf, and other foliage to create the perfect wedding bouquet. 

      3. Peony

        Peonies are popular wedding flowers that are available in different colors. These blooms are perfect for any bridal bouquet. As per your wedding theme and color palette you can choose peonies of different colors – yellow, different shades of pink, red, cream, white, etc. Peonies are the perfect addition to any wedding décor. So, whether you are planning an outdoor rustic wedding, a ballroom bash, or a contemporary chic wedding, peonies complement every celebration. Moreover, you can also send peonies to the new bride to wish them the best in life. online flower delivery in Ottawa enables you to receive fresh peonies at your doorstep. 

        4. Tweedia

          If you want something blue in your wedding décor or your bouquet, pick tweedia. These simple, small, star-shaped flowers look subtle and symbolize peace and harmony. Tweedia with any other pastel bloom like white or pink roses, peonies, and dahlias, look beautiful as wedding bouquets. These blooms can perfectly fit into any aesthetic. So, whether you want a traditional wedding bouquet or a rustic one, get some tweedia from the flower shops in Ottawa and create a simple and elegant bouquet. 

          5. Sunflower

            Sunflowers may not seem wedding perfect but these blooms look iconic in summer wedding bouquets. Especially, if you have a rustic or whimsical wedding in mind radiant sunflowers can be great. Sunflowers symbolize happiness and cheerfulness. These vibrant flowers are popular at rustic summer weddings and fall weddings too. You can use sunflowers as centerpieces with baby’s breath, small daisies, or white forget-me-not flowers. Further, you can also pair sunflowers with roses, dahlias, ivy, ferns, etc. to create a rustic bouquet.

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